Wood Floor Repairs and Restoration

Repairs to all wood floors including solid, engineered and floating wood floors on Vancouver Island, BC.

Solid and engineered wood floor repairs.

Wood floor repairs

Floor Board repairs

Solid hardwood floors including engineered wood floor board repairs and replacement.  Missing flooring or damaged floorboards can be removed and replaced with new or recycled wood floor boards.

Wood floor restoration

Floor restoration

Restoration of all types of wood floors including parquet, floorboards, and floating floors.  Scratches, gouges, stains, and minor cupping issues can be resolved with our wood floor restorations in Nanaimo, BC.

Sub floor repair

Sub Floor Repairs

Sub floor repair is often required when the damage, such as water or moisture, has penetrated the sub flooring.  There can be different types of sub flooring under wood floors. These may include plywood or concrete.

Solutions to Common Wood Floor Repairs on Vancouver Island, BC.

We have worked on all styles and species of wood floors over the past 20 years.

Water Damage

Water and moisture can destroy a wood floor and should be repaired as soon as possible.  Leaking dishwashers, fridges, windows, and roofing are some of the more common wood floor repair problems we have solved in Nanaimo and the mid island areas of Vancouver island over the years.

Wear and Tear

Wood Floors are designed to be walked on and over the years it is inevitable that they will become scratched, dented, or faded.  We always recommend solid or engineered flooring for our installations as these wood floors can be repaired and refinished unlike laminate and carpet which need to be replaced.


Permanent stains can be caused by pets or poor floor maintenance. The solution is to sand and refinish with a new stain or finish effect.

Wood Floor Repairs in Nanaimo, and all Mid-Island Areas.

Local, Reliable, Experienced…

Vancouver Island Floor Finishing has completed many repairs and restorations on all types of flooring over the past two decades.  Common flooring repairs include delamination of floor coatings, most often the result of D.I.Y or inexperienced floor refinishing, broken and missing flooring.  The solution can be floor sanding and refinishing, replacing damaged and missing floorboards.

Before replacing your existing wood floors, please email us to discuss how we can repair wood floors on Vancouver Island, BC.

Wood floor refinishing
hardwood refinisher

Years Experience

Repairing wood flooring In Nanaimo, BC.

We provide a full wood floor repair and restoration service for solid and engineered wood flooring.

Floor cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Visit our Maintenance page for more information on maintaning and cleaning your wood flooring.

Floor sanding and restoration

Floor sanding and resurfacing

Our resurfacing and floor sanding pages have more information refinishing a wood floor.

hardwood floor staining

Staining and Finishing

For information on the types of stain and finishing effects we can apply, visit our floor finish page.

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Remote Estimates

We do not need to visit your home or business to provide an accurate estimate for wood floor refinishing.  All we need is the floor measurements and a few photos. This way we can email an estimate in a day or 2!

What are your service areas?

All aspects of wood flooring including repairs, restoration, floor sanding, polishing, installation, and maintenance.  Free estimates for wood floor services in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Nanoose, Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan, and Port Alberni. For other areas of Vancouver Island including Tofino, Courtney, Cobble Hill, and Campbell River please email us and we would be happy to discuss your project.

Do We Offer Any Guarantee?

All of Vancouver Island Floor Finishing repairs, refinishing, repairs, and installations are guaranteed to perform as intended. The products we use when restoring and refinishing wood floors are covered by the manufacturers warranty.  New wood floors are guaranteed up to a lifetime when installed by our skilled and accredited installer.  We are licensed and insured for all residential and commercial wood floor refinishing and installations. Please email us to discuss all wood floor contractor services on Vancouver Island, BC.

How long will The job take?

Vancouver Island Floor Finishing comes to you with all the necessary floor machinery, finishes and stains to complete the wood floors in your home.  We can help choose a new look for your floors by offering pictures and samples of previously refinished wood floors.  Our mobile floor refinishing service completes floors from Cobble Hill to Campbell River, including Port Alberni. Most of our refinishing jobs are completed within 2-5days depending on the size of the wood floors. 

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Owner Operated

Vancouver Island Floor Finishing is an owner-operated small business that is involved in all steps of wood floor repairs. Work with the owner from the initial quoting stage through the final finish!

What is the process?

All our services start with an initial estimate, which includes the materials and steps that will be used, along with the total cost.  If clients wish to make a booking, we will agree on a suitable time period for the work to be completed. We generally work on one job at a time, this way we can complete the wood floor contract as efficiently as possible to allow you to re enter the home or business as soon as possible.  All terms of service and payment details are included in the estimate.

Can All floors be refinished?

Floor sanding and refinishing can only be applied to solid, engineered, and/or floating floors with at least 4mm of wood veneer on the surface.  All types of wood floors and finishes will discolour and wear out over time. Any attempt to stain or refinish small areas to match an existing floor finish will generally result in a patchwork effect. It is best to sand and refinish all areas of the floor for an even look throughout the home.  Refinishing one room is possible is certain situations, like where a wall or door divides the areas.  Contacting an expert wood floor contractor for advice will result in a professionally refinished hardwood floor.  Laminate and vinyl floors will generally need to be replaced when damaged or worn out.

What is sandless refinishing?

Sandless refinishing is a process that uses a chemical solution to strip existing surface coatings such as oil and solvent based floor finishes.  After the old coatings have been removed, a tinted finish is applied.  This process will not remove dents and gouges from floors like sanding and refinishing does and will not work on pre finished and engineered flooring.  Vancouver Island Floor Finishing does not recommend or use this “Sandless” refinishing process.

Why Choose Us?

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Eco Friendly

Safe for family, pets, and the environment. Eco-friendly, commercial-grade floor finishes.

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Latest technology

We use modern floor finishes and machinery to reduce dust and fumes in your home.

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Licensed & Insured

Commercial and residential multi-city licenses, public liability insurance, and WorkCover coverage.

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Owner Operated

23 years experience in the wood flooring industry. Communicate with the owner from start to finish.

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Vancouver Island floor finishing

Floor supply, installation, refinishing, cleaning, and restoration. All flooring, finishes, cleaning, and refinishing supplies on Vancouver Island, BC.

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