Wood Deck refinishing

Restoring wood decking, including board replacement, sanding, and staining on Vancouver Island, BC.

Mid Island wooden deck repairs 

Wood deck staining

Wood deck repairs

Wood decking refinishing in Nanaimo and the surrounding cities of Vancouver Island, BC. Power washing or sanding, then sealed with deck stains—free online estimates for deck sanding and refinishing, which remove mold and moss from decks.

Wood floor restoration

Deck resurfacing

Consider resurfacing your existing wood deck before a costly replacement. We can replace weather-damaged boards, sand off old coatings, and restore an old wood deck with a new coating system. Email a picture of the deck and we can offer helpful advise.

Deck painting

Deck Cleaning

We can power wash wooden decking and apply a new coat of stain, finish, or paint. Clients are welcome to apply finishes or have us apply their chosen finish. Email us with a photo or two and we can provide a cost effective wood deck restoration.

Wood deck resurfacing on Vancouver Island, BC.

Wood decking board replacement, sanding, polishing, and deck staining.

Water Damaged Decking

Nonstructural wood deck repairs in Nanaimo and the surrounding cities of Vancouver Island, BC. We repair broken, rotten decking before coating it with deck sealers or stains. Free online estimates for deck resurfacing and refinishing, which removes moss, mold, pealing deck stains, and paints.

Old Coating Removal

Without protection, wooden decking will deteriorate and require premature repairs and replacement. Maintenance may include a simple clean and coat of finish. We can completely sand off old deck paints and coatings when necessary before applying a new decking sealer system.

Repairing wood flooring In Nanaimo, BC.

We provide a complete repair and restoration service for solid and engineered wood flooring.

Floor cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Visit our Maintenance page for more information on maintaining and cleaning your wood flooring.

Floor sanding and restoration

Floor Sanding and Refinishing

Our resurfacing and floor sanding pages have more information on refinishing a wood floor.

Wood floor installer

New Wood Floors

Solid, engineered, and vinyl plank wood floors, new wood look for any space.

Vancouver Island floor finishing

Floor supply, installation, refinishing, cleaning, and restoration. All flooring, finishes, cleaning, and refinishing supplies on Vancouver Island, BC.

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