Floor Sanding Vancouver Island, BC.

Floor sanding and polishing solid and engineered hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Sanding Vancouver Island, BC.

Solid and engineered hardwood floors sanded and refinished.

Old Floors

Many homes around Nanaimo and other mid-island areas of Vancouver Island were constructed with tongue and groove wood flooring; the most common are fir and red oak. These floors can be successfully sanded and refinished several times, so even 100-year-old floors in downtown Nanaimo will last several lifetimes when sanded by a professional floor sander.

New Floors

Installing a new solid hardwood floor, such as Brazilian cherry, oak, or edge grain fir, will require light sanding after installation. This removes glues, minor dents, and other flaws common during hardwood floor installation. A stain coat, clear coat, or effect can be added after floor sanding for a unique custom look.

Pre-finished Wood Flooring

Homes built over the past couple of decades often have prefinished and engineered wood floors installed. These floors were commonly finished within a factory using aluminum oxide coatings. While these coatings are difficult to remove, we have developed a process that eliminates the need to replace these floors.

Floor sanding and polishing contractor.

Floor sanding

Belt Sanding 

When fitted with quality floor sanding belts, our commercial-grade floor sanders can remove multiple layers of floor coatings in one pass.  Integrated with a powerful impeller, our sanders drastically reduce the amount of dust created while sanding.

Floor sander

Edge Sanding

Rotary edge sanders are used to remove coatings in the areas not accessible by belt sanding.  As our advanced edging system sands to the edge, we save our clients time and money by eliminating the need to remove and reinstall baseboards.

Floor polishing

Floor Polishing

Floor polishing is an integral part of the floor sanding process. When fitted with fine sanding screens, our rotary polishers remove visible sanding marks from belt sanders and edgers. These polishers are then used to sand between coats for a smooth quality finish.

Professional floor sander and finisher.

Local, Reliable, Experienced…

The floor sanding and polishing process involves many stages requiring a unique equipment set, skills, and techniques. Rental machinery and equipment will not produce the results a professional floor sander can using commercial floor sanding equipment. I often get called to rectify issues created by inexperienced contractors or D.I.Y projects. Unfortunately, the damage caused by high-powered floor sanders, including rental floor sanders handled by amateur operators, often results in permanent damage. Replacing a solid wood floor is costly, including removing the existing hardwood floor. My process has developed over the past 20 years and combines methods and materials to guarantee the highest standard for my floor sanding and polishing jobs around Vancouver Island, BC.

Floor sander
Hardwood floor sander

Years Experience

Floor sanding based in Nanaimo, servicing all of Vancouver Island, BC.

Owner Matt provides a complete floor sanding, polishing, and refinishing service for solid and engineered wood flooring.

Floor refinishing

Floor Refinishing

Floor refinishing has been the focus of our business for 20 years. Read more on how we sand and refinish your wood flooring.

Wood stains

Stains and Effects

We can customise the look of any species of wood flooring including maple floors. Dark chocolate floors or lightly wood-washed.

hardwood floor staining

Floor Maintenance

Our maintenance page has useful information on how to clean all hard floors, including solid, engineered, and laminate flooring.

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Remote Estimates

We do not need to visit your home or business to provide an accurate estimate for floor sanding and polishing.  All we need is the floor measurements and a few photos. This way we can have an estimate emailed in a day or 2!

What are your service areas?

All aspects of wood flooring including floor sanding, polishing, repairs, and maintenance.  Free estimates for wood floor services in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Nanoose, Ladysmith, Chemainus, Duncan, and Port Alberni. For other areas of Vancouver Island, including Tofino, Courtney, Cobble Hill, and Campbell River, please email us; we would be happy to discuss your project.

Will there be much dust?

Dust minimization is an integral part of residential floor sanding and polishing. While all modern commercial-grade floor sanders are considered dust-free, it should be expected that a minimal amount of residual dust will not be contained during floor sanding. Vancouver Island Floor Finishing uses a system that combines these dust-free floor sanders and polishers with a commercial HEPA filter vacuum. This system dramatically reduces the amount of dust while sanding. Any residual dust left behind is collected before the coating system is applied. Clients are regularly surprised by how clean their homes are after our floor sanding and polishing.

What is the floor sanding process ?

All Types of floors and floor finishes require different sanding combinations. We have removed all types of coatings and adhesives from wood floors. These include but are not limited to paint, glue, underlay, and thick layers of floor finishes. We use and supply all grits of floor sanding belts, edger discs, polishing screens, and pads. It is tough to precisely anticipate what sandpaper will effectively remove coatings and prepare the wood floor, so we carry all grits. We use a combination of rough and fine-grit sandpaper as well as polishing and buffing pads. After floor sanding and polishing, a three-step coating process is applied. We carry a range of floor stains, finishes, and effects to customise the look of any species of wood flooring.

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Owner Operated

Vancouver Island Floor finishing is owned and operated by 20 year wood flooring professional Matt Wilson.  Matt is involved in all steps or the floor refinishing process.  Work with the owner of the business from the initial quoting stage through until the final finish!

How much wood is sanded off?

Our machines draw power from the same 220-volt outlets used by most kitchen ranges and dryers in Vancouver Island homes.  Floor sanders can produce a deep gouge in any wood floor in less than a second! However, in the hands of an experienced floor sander, these machines can strip layers of old coatings and only remove less than a millimeter of wood flooring in the process. For deep gouges, cuts, and pet stains, a floor sander will sand that area evenly to remove the damage without compromising the wood flooring itself. If the damage to the board/s can’t be sanded out, they can be replaced, or the floor can be stained to disguise the blemish.

Can all floors be sanded?

We can only offer our Floor sanding and polishing service for solid, engineered hardwood flooring. Floating floors with at least 4mm of wood veneer on the surface can also be sanded and refinished.  Wood floors and finishes will discolour and wear out over time. Any attempt to stain or refinish small areas to match an existing floor finish will generally result in a patchwork effect. It is best to sand and refinish all floor areas for an even look throughout the home.  Refinishing one room is possible in certain situations. Stopping at a wall or door is common if bedrooms and other lightly used areas are in good condition.  Contacting owner Matt, an experienced wood floor contractor, for advice will result in a professionally sanded and refinished hardwood floor.  Laminate and vinyl floors must be replaced when damaged or worn out. We offer cleaning and maintenance for all hard floors including, composite vinyl tile, vinyl, laminate, and tile floors.

Can my floor be lightly sanded?

Lightly sanding a floor with fine sanding screens, attached to a rotary floor polisher, is only effective for maintaining and re-coating floors after they have been refinished, and before the finish has worn out. Once the protective floor finishes have worn off, and the wood underneath is exposed, the entire room will need to be sanded back to bare wood and refinished. 


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