Floor Inspections  Vancouver Island and Mainland, BC.

Certified, unbiased floor inspection and consultant services in all areas of Vancouver Island and the mainland, BC.

Floor inspection services British Columbia, Canada.

Wood floor inspector


Wood floor inspections

Wood floor inspections for solid wood floors (both site and prefinished) and engineered wood flooring. Pre-installation inspections and consultation to prevent future floor issues and post-installation inspections for problem-solving and dispute resolution.

Vinyl floor inspections


Vinyl & laminate  inspections

All types of solid and engineered hardwood, vinyl, and laminate inspections, including flexible (LVT & LVP) and rigid core flooring (WPC & SPC). Inspections for common issues such as gaps, cracks, buckling and warping.

Carpet inspections


Carpet & Tile inspections

Certified, unbiased, 3rd party carpet and tile inspections for common issues that may be related to manufacturing, installation, performance, or maintenance (carpet cleaning). All types of floors include glue-down carpet, ceramic, and stone tiles.

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Natioanl Wood Flooring Association
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Natioanl Wood Flooring Association
Natioanl Wood Flooring Association

Certified floor inspector in British Columbia, Canada.

23 years of experience in the flooring industry…

Certified floor inspector on Vancouver Island providing unbiased professional floor inspections in Vancouver and the surrounding cities and all other cities on Vancouver Island, BC.

Inspections and reports are used to convey factual information collected during the inspection. Reports include observations, test results, end user and installer comments (when provided), photo documentation, assessments, and a conclusion that can be used as a basis for a decision or action.

Moisture test inspections
Wood floor moisture testing

Years flooring experience

Is there a problem with your flooring?

Many situations require the need to engage an independent floor inspector trained to find the causes of flooring problems and document the conclusions based on facts and industry standards. These certified floor inspection results can be used as an expert legal witness.






Moisture testing


Subfloor Inspections


Floor Consultant


Owner Operated

Pre-Installation Floor Inspections

A pre-installation floor inspection is a valuable service for home and business owners and is essential when installing any style of flooring.

Pre-install floor inspections performed by a certified floor inspector will identify any issues that will likely cause problems if not corrected prior to installing floor coverings.

A floor inspector will use tools and techniques to measure the moisture content of subflooring, check for flatness, and address any issues that will affect the performance of flooring products. This information will help when choosing flooring products suitable for the areas where they will be installed. Pre-installation floor inspections are beneficial for homeowners wanting to install their flooring.

Post-Installation Floor Inspections.

Certified floor inspections in British Columbia, Canada.

A post-installation floor inspection is provided to determine the facts related to the causation of flooring issues. A certified floor inspector has the training and experience to use technical equipment and specialized knowledge to help a commissioning party understand the evidence in a written report.

Written reports are based on reliable principles, methods, facts, and industry standards. Prepared by Certified floor inspector Matthew Wilson, reports are professionally written, easy to read, and include photo documentation and citations(when available)to support the conclusions and resolve disputes.

Floor inspections can be commissioned by flooring manufacturers, contractors, homeowners, distributors, insurance companies, and retail flooring stores.

Flooring consultant and repair service on Vancouver Island, BC.

Experienced flooring professional Matthew offers his experience as a floor consultant, floor inspector and repair serviceman.

Floor consultant Nanaimo, BC.

Floor consultant

Are you preparing to install new flooring? I provide expert and informative advice regarding the suitability of your flooring and subfloors and installation tips and guidelines for D.I.Y installers.

Floor project manager

Project Management

If you are installing new flooring and would like an expert 3rd party to oversee the preparation of the subfloor, supply, and installation of your flooring? I can help make sure your project runs smoothly.

Hardwood floor repairs

Floor repairs

The Floor repair service includes solid, engineered, laminated, vinyl board/plank replacement, carpet seam sealing, and silicone-based caulking—complete sanding and resurfacing of wood floors.

Vancouver Island floor finishing

Wood floor refinishing, cleaning, and restoration. All finishes, cleaning, and refinishing supplies are supplied to Vancouver Island, BC cities.

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