Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Residential and commercial hard floor cleaning and maintenance on Vancouver Island, BC.

Floor cleaning, stripping, scrubbing, and waxing.

Floor cleaning

Floor Cleaning

The amount of traffic a floor is subjected to can vary, for lightly used hard surfaces, regular sweeping is all that is required. In high traffic homes, retail and commercial properties, we provide a deep cleaning service utilizing our commercial grade scrubbers, polishers and products.

Floor stripping and waxing

Stripping and waxing

Many floor “cleaners” and “polishes” sold at retail stores have acrylic waxes as their main ingredient.  Although these “mop and glow” products give floors  a temporarily “new shine”, they eventually build up and dull floors. We strip these products from floors and, if needed, apply a new finish coat.

Floor scrubbing

Scrub and polish

For heavy traffic areas in homes and commercial properties, a floor scrubber is used to deep clean and remove the build up of polishes, waxes, and grease. Combined with environmentally friendly detergents, our powerful scrubber prepares a floor that can then be re waxed or finished with a water based floor finish.

Residential and commercial hardfloor cleaning

Residential and commercial floors are cleaned and maintained in Nanaimo and other mid Island areas of Vancouver Island, BC.

Commercial floor cleaning
Residential floor cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial premises around Nanaimo have a variety of different style hard floors that are subjected to high levels of traffic. These include, wood, tile, and composite vinyl tile. Restaurants, bars, retail stores, and commercial buildings use our floor cleaning service to clean and strip old waxes, polishes, grease, and oils that build up over time. We can offer a one time solution or regular maintenance  for all hard floors in commercial properties.

Residential Floor Cleaning

Hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors in residential homes will generally only require daily sweeping and periodic mopping. The use of acrylic waxes and polishes give a temporary new shine to old floors but will eventually need to be removed. We use commercial scrubbers, polishes, and water based finishes to restore the look of many hard floors. 

Maintaining all styles of hard floors on Vancouver Island, BC.

We provide a full wood floor service for residential, commercial, and D.I.Y clients.

Caring for wood floors

Cleaning and Care

Read our wood floor care and maintenance guide for more information

Floor sanding and restoration

Floor sanding and refinishing

Our refinishing and floor sanding pages have more information on finishing wood floor.

Hardwood floor repairs

Wood Floor Repairs

For information on the types of wood floor repairs, more information is available.

Vancouver Island floor finishing

Wood floor restoration, supply and installation on Vancouver Island, BC.

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