Dust free floor sanding

Dust free floor sanding

Written by Matt

How much dust is created when floor sanding and polishing?

It’s a common misconception that floor sanders produce significant dust. While it’s true that the standard industry dust-free machinery is fitted with internal fans and dust bags,  the process is not entirely dust-free. A small amount of dust will always be created and released into the air during hardwood floor finishing. Over the years, I’ve adopted a dust minimization process focusing on controlling the airborne dust created when sanding wood floors. However, it’s important to note that no system is 100% dust-free, and some dust may still be present.

Dust control vacuums

We use commercial vacuums connected to smaller handheld polishers and sanders to control dust while wood floor refinishing.  These vacuums are connected to smaller random orbitals and rotary polishers, which suck the dust into filter bags before being carried outside your home or commercial building.  Our vacuums contain a HEPA filter and connect directly to the dust exhausts from edgers, polishers, and orbital sanders.

Containing residual dust

I have used many different vacuums and “dust-free” systems over the years, and no system is guaranteed to contain 100% of dust. Inevitably, small amounts of dust will not be collected by vacuums, mainly when using course grit sanding techniques. Professional floor refinishing requires a few processes that cannot collect dust while being completed. Scraping of corners and grinding “tight spots” and other areas the main floor sanders can’t reach will produce dust as the tools used do not have adequate dust control systems. Areas such as under heaters, kitchen cabinets, and stairs are only possible to complete successfully with producing some dust. For this reason, we recommend taping or sealing off the sanded areas from other parts of the home, keeping doors closed, and removing furnishings from the work area. A refinishing contractor will vacuum the floor at least four times as part of the refinishing process. I vacuum the tops of baseboards and wipe down flat surfaces before applying the final coats. By adopting this dust minimization technique, clients have been pleasantly surprised by how little dust I create when sanding.

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