D.I.Y Floor refinishing

What is the difference between do-it-yourself floor refinishing and engaging a professional refinisher?

What are the processes involved in D.I.Y floor refinishing?

When carried out correctly, the results add value to your home or commercial property. When one or more steps are skipped or fail, the problem may be irreversible and result in repeating the floor sanding and finishing process. Replacing a floor damaged during floor sanding is a realistic outcome of D.I.Y refinishing.


Floor Sanding

Removes old finishes and coatings while creating a smooth surface before final polishing steps. Dents, gouges, and chatter effects are common when using unbalanced or rental equipment. Professionals use high-powered commercial machines not commonly available from rental stores.


Floor polishing

Removes sanding marks left by a belt sander or edger in between coats and prepares a floor for stains and finishes. Professionals use rotary polishers, but these machines require extensive training. As a result, oscillating square buffers are commonly rented for D.I.Y. However, these machines are considered ineffective wood polishers by professional contractors.


Floor coating

Applying stains, finishes, and effects, including water, oil, and solvent-based floor coatings, requires a variety of floor preparation and application techniques. Bubbles, pooling, lap lines, patchiness, and delamination are common problems that can be avoided by engaging a professional floor refinishing contractor.

It takes years to master floor refinishing processes…

Refinishing and resurfacing is a physically demanding and skilled trade. We can offer advice to help you decide whether to try to complete your floor refinishing project, provide products and materials, or provide an estimate for professional floor refinishing services.


Wood floor refinishing in Nanaimo, BC.

If you want to refinish your wood floors, we can provide finishes and materials to help you during your project. Purchase finishes, applicators, paper, cleaning, and maintenance products from us, and we will offer advice on how to use them correctly with professional results. 

Hardwood floor repairs

How to refinish wood floors?

Taking a few minutes to read our post on the processes and techniques we have developed over the past 23 years may prevent some problems that can occur during D.I.Y refinishing.

Floor sanding and restoration

Floor finishes

Finishes, stains, and effects used on our clients’ floors are available for purchase by the public. We can calculate the quantities your project needs to minimise wastage and costs.

hardwood floor staining

Sandpaper and accessories

We provide sandpaper, including belts, edger discs, polishing, palm sander discs and pads. All tools and accessories needed to complete your D.I.Y project successfully.

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