Choosing a floor finish

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Why do we recommend water-based floor finishes?

Choosing a floor finish to coat a wood floor? Two types of polyurethane are available: oil-based (solvent-borne) and water-based urethane (water-borne). Oil-based products were originally the standard in the industry until the development of water-based floor finishes. Over the past few decades, with the demand for a safer, more eco-friendly product, water-based finishes have evolved and are now the first choice for wood floor refinishing contractors on Vancouver Island, BC. Here are some of the advantages of water-based polyurethane.

choosing a floor finishChoosing a floor finish




Eco-Friendly, Healthier & Safer

One of the most significant advantages of water-based floor finishes is the safety they provide. Unlike their oil-based counterparts, water-based products emit virtually no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making them a much healthier choice for homeowners, tenants, and contractors. In fact, on Vancouver Island, oil-based polyurethanes are no longer recommended due to their strong fumes and VOC exposure. Water-based finishes are not only safer but also non-flammable, providing an extra layer of security for your home and loved ones.


Water-based floor finishes have evolved as manufacturers develop better chemistry, delivering greater resistance to abrasion. Improved binders and additives have now made water-based floor finishes the most durable coating systems for wood flooring. Top-shelf products like Loba and Bona have been tested to be more durable than oil-based floor finishes. Vancouver Island Floor Finishing recommends the best quality products for long-lasting endurance. We recommend protecting your floor by frequent cleaning dirt and grit, placing throw rugs on high traffic areas, and feet protectors on furniture.

Faster Dry Time

Water-based finishes are known for their fast dry times, so two coats of finish can be applied in one day. Ideally, homes can be occupied in as little as 4 hours. A 3-coat oil-based coating system can take several days to dry and a few days for fumes to evacuate the home. Slower drying times may be an advantage for do-it-yourself and inexperienced tradespeople as they are more forgiving and allow time to correct mistakes when coating. For this reason, water-based finishes require a higher level of skill to apply. I’ve used water-based polyurethane for years and find these finishes to look and perform exceptionally well in all situations.

Water-based floor finishes are clear coats that maintain the natural colour of the wood and highlight the grain. Oil-based finishes are known to darken the colour of many wood floor species. Over time, and with UV exposure, the oil finish changes colour to a yellowish amber tone. It is a matter of preference whether this is desirable or not. However, with a water-based finish, you will know from the beginning what colour the floor will be, as water-based finishes discolour only slightly over time. This is especially necessary for keeping a natural look on wood like maple, whitewashed, and lightly stained floors.

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