Floor Finishes

We supply a range of finishes, stains, and effects for all types of Vancouver Island, BC, wood floors.

Full range of floor finishes .

White washed wood floors

Custom effects

Modern wood floor effects include whitewash, weathered, and grey. Invisible protection sealers are also available for a raw look on oak, maple, and cherry wood. These products are the most advanced floor finishing systems available and we offer sales to the public.

Floor finishes

Water based Finishes

We recommend water-based floor coatings to protect all wood floors. Durable, environmentally friendly, fast drying, and safe around family and pets. A wide range of products, including a hybrid oil/water-based finish for an oil look with the benefits of water-based coatings.

Floor finishes

Penetrating stains

Customise the look of an oak, fir, or maple floor with penetrating stains. A professional alternative to tinted/topical coatings, penetrating stains are hand-applied, creating a natural wood look—several choices of modern colours that can be mixed for endless possibilities.

Wood floor finishes are supplied to all Vancouver Island, BC, cities.

Quality floor finishes from trusted manufacturers are available to the public.

Loba floor finishes
Bona floor finishes
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Clear coating

Clear-coating wood floors with high-quality water-based polyurethanes will achieve a natural wood look and offer maximum protection. All our water-based products are considered environmentally friendly and available in matt, satin, and semi-gloss. Professional floor contractors use these finishes in combination with a variety of sealers, stains, and effects.

Wood staining

We supply the penetrating wood stain colours that professionals use to modify the look of all species of wood floors, including oak, fir, maple, and birch flooring. Applied by hand and wiped or buffed off, light or dark stain colours create a new look to existing flooring after sanding and polishing.

Custom effects

Our range of sealer products can achieve modern effects such as weathered, grey, or wood-washed looks. Natural sealers, intense sealers, and additives are available to contractors and the general public.

Wood floor finish supply on Vancouver Island, BC

We supply all wood floor finishes, paper, and supplies for contractors and D.I.Y homeowners.

Floor cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

For more information on cleaning and maintaining your wood floor finishes.

Floor sanding and restoration

Floor sanding and refinishing

Our refinishing and floor sanding pages have more information on wood floor finishes.

Hardwood floor repairs

Wood Floor Repairs

We repair and finish all types of wood floors, including solid and engineered floors.

Vancouver Island floor finishing

Floor supply, installation, refinishing, cleaning, and restoration. All flooring, finishes, cleaning, and refinishing supplies on Vancouver Island, BC.

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